Prayer: “requests” or “discussions?”

Prayer. It’s a topic mentioned all through the Bible. “prayer” in ESV = 109 times.Words and requests made to God. Bottom line on prayer: God wants our prayer to be conversational! A dialogue! A discussion with content from both ends! Not only should man “pray” to his Maker, he should be able to “hear from” Him!

As we pray, we usually list our needs, our requests, our “help-me-please” litany of hurts, injustices, problems, weaknesses, illness, financial difficulties, dysfunctional relationship issues.

God already knows all about those, along with how many hairs on our heads, hello! We’re not telling Him something new! But HE has an unending treasure trove of wonderful ideas and truth and information to share with us!

His idea as our Creator is to have a relationship with each one of us. He wants to share His knowledge with us. He wants to reveal what He placed on our individual blueprints when He created us! He has a wonderful plan for each one of us.

Ask Him to teach you what you need to know. Get in touch with the Absolute Source! “Hang out” with Him!